Thank God For Unified Communications

The term Unified Communications isn’t a name for a business or a company. Often abbreviated as UC, this business or marketing concept owes its origins to the world wide Web. Feel free to drop the letter U.

Convergence is the short form. With the Internet in place, it has become possible to make phone calls, chat, send text messages, video messages, and faxes–using the same platform. Who knows what else can be possible in the near future?

Just imagine, when you receive a phone call from a land line, it gets picked up online through your favorite electronic messaging software. The same thing happens to cell towers. By connecting both physical communication systems online, getting in touch with friends, family, colleagues, and of course, your boss has all become seamless.

On a global scale, it’s easy to get scared when a contagion strikes. Luckily, we have the option to communicate without actually seeing each other face to face or shaking hands.