Chinese Calligraphy, A True Form Of Art.

Chinese Calligraphy, a true form of art, combining the pure visual art with the literal interpretation of each character this form of Chinese writing is considered to one of the oldest and purest art forms.

Held in high esteem in East Asia as it is widely practiced as a form of expression in China
This type of expression has been widely practiced in

This form of art is one of the 4 most important Chinese Literati known to mankind, which includes the game
” GO”, playing stringed instruments, and painting.

This form is standardization of various styles and traditions which includes ink and wash calligraphy and uses the same or similar techniques and tools

This art form concentrates on the emphasis of motion charged with dynamic life and is known to be ” sheer life through energy motioned traces onto paper or silk using rhythm and time to shift space as its ultimate ingredient.

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