Portable Truck Lift Features

Everything must go as planned when raising a heavy vehicle in the air. Large lifts are suitable for places where different types of large vehicles are serviced regularly. For small or occasional requirements, you need a portable truck lift. It will do the job just like a larger lift but it has a small form factor. You can install it even in a small space. It can be used for truck servicing business as well. Different designs and models of lifts with various features are available for this purpose.

You can install a column design lift. It is capable of lifting heavy vehicles like a fire truck, bus or fleet vehicle. The columns can be moved to front and back as well as up and down. All four columns work as a whole system and go up or down precisely at the same time. It can reach up to 70″ within one minute. It comes with features like pressure relief valve, flow control valve and mechanical locking system.