Why You Should Use Brick Tiles

Brick tiles can elevate any room in your home. It is timeless, chic, and gives it an almost industrial yet warm feel. Made from thin slices of brick, they are indistinguishable from traditional brick once installed.

Despite being only around 22mm thick, these tiles still have inherent protective properties like traditional bricks. They can still withstand the elements and are still heat resistant. They also save a lot of space in homes since they are significantly thinner.

Thin slices of brick clay are also easy to install. In fact, you can install it yourself by using mortar or glue. They also come in a range of colors and styles much like traditional bricks, giving you a lot of options. You can find a match for your home’s old brick wall, for example, or get a modern design to accentuate a part of a certain room.
The possibilities are endless with these tiles that is why you should take them into consideration in your next project.