The Numerous Uses Of Furandicarboxylic Acid

This is an acid with organic chemical consisting of two carboxylic acid groups attached to a central furan ring. Rudolph Fitting and Heinzelmann first reported as a dehydromucic acid in 1876. They had come to this conclusion after producing it through adding concentrated hydrobromic acid to mucic acid.

Some Carbohydrates are used to produce this acid. This acid can be used in place of terephthalic acid while making polyester while the rest polymers have in them aromatic moiety.
Recent studies show that human urine contains this acid, and a healthy human body should produce a certain number of grams each day. It has also been found to be in the human blood plasma.
The uses of these chemicals are numerous and cannot be ignored. As studies have shown, Furandicarboxylic acid is an essential compound in our day to day lives.