Shark Vs Dyson: What’s The Scoop?

The main differences between Shark vs Dyson are selling price, suction power, and weight. Vacuums from the second camp tend to be pricier, heavier, and have more suction prowess. On the other hand, those from the first team can be very cheap, very light, and have limited suction prowess, although they marginally outperform the competition on overall run time when using a two-battery system on a continuous basis.

Another difference is in regards to warranty; the models in the first team have a 7-year warranty, while the other team has mostly a 5-year warranty on most models.

The first team is catching up with the other brand when it comes to picking up pet hair. However, homeowners with pets still prefer the other team because of its Animal series. Furthermore, the series comes with HEPA filtration, a feature that is sometimes missing in the first team.