Is Cheap Anime Clothes A Good Idea?

Is Cheap Anime Clothes a good Idea?

Yes, it can be a good idea but will depend on you as the wearer or for the type of person you are buying it for.

The reasoning behind this statement is if you or the person you are buying it for is a one-timer user of the clothes, then cheap is the way to go.

These costumes can be quite expensive as per the detail that goes into the character because:

  • the fans of these characters and or events are the most finicky of all fans of comic book characters
  • the slightest deviation in the design can change the essence of the characters as many look alike
  • as with any fully functional and detailed character in a comic book or movie, the clothes are expected to be just as functional and detailed.

So if you are a one-timer then the cheaper the better, but if you are a life-long wearer, then No!