Dive Mask Strap Cover

Imagine diving in your favorite turquoise blue waters. Your underwater view is clear, beautiful and absolutely amazing. But it’s time to come up to the surface and you take off your mask. Ouch! It happened again. Your hair got caught up in the mask. This has become a routine annoyance that always ruins a perfectly good scuba diving outing.

However, this wouldn’t happen if you purchase a dive mask strap cover. This little gadget makes it easy to see underwater and prevents hair from getting tangled when you put on or take off your mask. Set it up one time, and you’re good to go. It is a true problem solver for divers with long hair who hate the pain of tangled or pulled hair.

It has material that keeps it from slipping off or getting twisted. This strap cover can be worn with both snorkel and dive masks. It is available in most dive shops.