Tips For Attending The Chartwell School Ball

Have you been looking forward to this year’s Chartwell School Ball?
If the answer is yes, read along.
Even though organizing a school ball is hard work, it’s all appreciated because in the end, people who attend appreciate the input, and enjoy the event.
Here is how to prepare for the Chartwell School Ball

  1. Dress Code
    A school ball is a formal event. Therefore, you will be expected to be in formal attire. For the girls, a formal gown and if you’re a boy, a formal suit would look great! Don’t forget the tie or bowtie!
  2. Partner
    You don’t have to wait to be invited. You can do the inviting. Your partner can be your girlfriend, boyfriend or your best friend.
  3. Transport
    This will be a memorable time for you, so make sure you can get there. Rent a limo for your date or your friends. As with all events, the more, the merrier!