Ecocardiography And Its Uses

A medical examination often done after a heart attack; echocardiography is a test that can save lives. This painless examination employs an echocardiogram, a device that produces live images of the heart through sound waves.

The images, according to doctors, can spot blood clots, aorta problems, and fluid around the heart. The test is an important tool for cardiologists because it helps them see how the heart muscle is doing.

Your physician can order such a test for a number of reasons. It can be because he or she discovered something abnormal after other tests were done. Doctors also use this test when the heartbeat is irregular because it helps them inspect the heart’s problems in its chambers or valves. The test can also determine whether your heart is pumping enough blood or not. Chest pain or shortness of breath may also be a reason why a physician would order this test.