Factors That Occupational Therapist Kalgoorlie Face Everyday

One of the main obstacles involved with the Occupational Therapist Kalgoorlie is the unequal distribution of not only the OT’s in general but also the rest of the general health workers in the rural and remote area, all this in favor of the urban areas.

With the additional pressures of the current and future supply and demands on OT’s in all areas with the demographic changes have also affected the conditions under which they work.
In an already strained health system, the changes in the demographics of the younger school leavers and professionals with jobs that don’t need the state health system as they are leaving in high percentages to the urban areas and leaving behind the more and more ever-increasing ratio of the elderly that do need these state health systems and the type of services needed and in this case OT’s works also with them but now gets moved out as per the ratio the state believes should be per overall demographic and not considering the actual demographic for OT vs. Actual patients that need them

This is not only a problem in Kalgoorlie but all rural areas across the Globe.