Is N M N Online Purchasing Safe?

With not much positive proof and or successful trials under its belt,(NMN) nicotinamide mononucleotide, NMN Online purchasing is on the increase and is quite easy with so many types of this supplement being sold online on so many different internet or online sites.

The only reason I can think of it being such a successful venture online, even though it is a non-positive result product(though no negative effects) would be, all related to the fact of the lack of scientific data to suggest it is safe, so your local retail and or drugstore that do stock other supplements like N R (nicotinamide riboside-which has 4 successful trials safely and no side effects proven factors behind the product) does not stock N M N and so the only way to get it would be via ONLINE PURCHASING as no risks are carried by online shops like a retailer or drugstore.