Why Preventative Cardiologists Are Critical To Healthcare Delivery

Preventative medicine has been growing in recent years in response to the increasing burden of lifestyle diseases in developed countries. It is in this environment that preventive cardiology has evolved into an integral part of the healthcare service.
Preventative Cardiologists help healthcare clients reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. They also manage existing conditions to prevent them from deteriorating. The cardiologists use their expertise to help clients reduce the risk of developing heart disease and prevent at-risk patients from having a stroke or heart attack.
The Preventative Cardiologist has a team of nurses, physiotherapists, and nutritionists who work with clients to ensure that they follow the recommended dietary, exercise, and medication regime. They integrate validated methods with research evidence and patient-based care to provide holistic prevention and management of heart conditions. Overall, preventative cardiology is an essential service in modern health care practice.