The Benefits Of Using A Shower Seat

While many people do not think of sitting down to take a shower, those with physical disabilities or conditions that limit their ability to stand to know the importance of a shower seat.

Some elderly and others with disabilities benefit from the use of a shower bench or stool while they are taking their shower. Being able to sit and relax while taking a shower is also an added benefit for those who prefer to sit rather than stand which can be more relaxing to them and allow them to take their time while showering without getting tired.

Shower chairs come in a variety of designs. Some have backs and arms to further aid in your showering comfort. Also, many shower benches are made from water-resistant and durable materials and have safety features such as rubber tips or suction cups to prevent slipping and holes in the seat and back of the chair to allow water to flow through.

When considering what type of shower chair to purchase you should take into consideration, safety features, weight limit capacity, comfort, and ease of use.