Weighted Blanket Benefits – Sleep Better Naturally

Weighted blankets are throw- sized heavy blankets that are filled with glass or plastic beads and are padded with polyester fiber for extra softness. These therapeutic blankets use Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPT) or Deep Touch Pressure(DTP) that help improve relaxation and increases a sense of calm in life. Available in different sizes and weights for adults and kids, a weighted blanket can be a boon for all those suffering from anxiety, sleep disorders or insomnia. To know how- read the following guide below.

1: Boost Serotonin Levels

The Deep Touch Pressure helps increase serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is the ‘feel-good’ hormones that not only help stabilize mood, regulate energy levels and keep you in a more relaxed state, but also contributes to regulating sleep-wake cycles. When the serotonin levels in your body are maintained, it encourages a healthy, restful, sleep routine.

2: Eases anxiety

Using a weighted blanket helps decrease activity in the nervous system and reduces anxiety. When combined with some quiet meditation, this sleep accessory might just be the thing you need to drift off to sleep quickly.

3: Reduces Restlessness

This therapeutic blanket features evenly distributed weights that provides gentle pressure across the body. This helps deter movement and promote stillness during sleep.

To maximize weighted blanket benefits, ensure that you minimize nighttime sleep disruptions to improve your sleep quality.