What To Do Before Applying Fiberglass Bathtub Paint

A time reaches when you feel the bathtub paint is not the one for you. At this point, the ideal solution is to repaint it using your preferred color. The discussion below highlights the essential tips you need intending to change your Fiberglass Bathtub Paint.

You ought to start by checking the edges of your tub to identify any presence of caulk. You may remove this using a screwdriver or just a kitchen knife. Clean the surfaces and remember to reapply the caulk after the painting.

Clean the fiberglass tub thoroughly. A dirty bathtub will not be fit at all for painting. Scrub every part to remove the grime and dirt on it. You may use baking soda and vinegar past when scrubbing. Wash the tub and dry in readiness for painting.

Use fine grit sandpaper to sand your tub. Avoid coarse sandpaper as it may roughen the surfaces and end up damaging the tub. Rub it lightly to create a rough surface where the paint will stick and wash to wipe the residue.