Singapore ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Standards

The International Standards Organization (ISO) released the 37001 standard to provide guidance on anti-bribery measures that organizations implement. The SS ISO 37001 is the Singapore specific version of this standard.

ISO 37001 Singapore assists companies in implementing anti-bribery management systems or enhancing existing measures and aims to reduce the corporate costs and risks that are associated with bribery activities. In addition it enables the owners and management of a company (as well as its customers and business partners) to be assured that the company has implemented internationally recognized standards for combating bribery. In the event of legal action the standard can be used as evidence that the company took necessary and legal steps to prevent bribery.

The SS 37001 Singapore standard is available from the Singapore Standards website. Companies can be accredited to the new standard through approved accreditation bodies listed on the site.