Advantages Of Using Biodegradable Gloves

Biodegradable gloves are made of nitrile palm dip and one hundred percent seamless cotton. Cotton being very degradable makes it able to be broken down by microorganisms. The nitrile coating prevents it from degrading when in use, and the process will only start when disposed of in a biologically active landfill.

They offer the following advantages;

Biodegradable gloves have minimal effects on the environment. Depending on the conditions of a landfill, these gloves can take at most 24 months to fully decompose. As opposed to regular gloves, Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) is very degradable, and this reduces landfill effects.

It is comfortable and protective. The biodegradable gloves have been made with the best technology that is not only meant to offer a safe environment but also to give flexibility in their use. This means that they can be used anywhere form household chores to the medical field. They can protect from chemicals and harsh household detergents.