Effective Ways To Use Gel Coat Products

Gel coat products provide a high-quality finish to the visible surfaces of fibre-reinforced materials. Most of the products can be coloured and often maintain a durable gloss surface. For the best results during application, some measures should be followed; otherwise, the results will not be as good. Consider these tips below.

When using a brush, ensure that the brush is designed for this particular work. Brushable brushes, in this case, are the best as they allow for a much smoother finish in little time. Also, avoid brushes with tapered ends or those that either too stiff or too soft.

Do not work under direct sunlight. Work on a shady location or choose an outcast day. Catalyze your material to ensure that it cures within the stipulated time. This is to prevent fading, discolouring, or yellowing as they retain heat.

Maintain gel coat surfaces thorough cleaning with clean water, keeping away from direct sunlight, among other good habits.