Common Causes Of Hydraulic Cylinder Breakdown

Hydraulic cylinders often develop problems from time to time. When there is a breakdown, prompt repairs must be carried out to ensure the system is in good working condition. It is important to note that there are many possible causes of hydraulic cylinder breakdown. The first is overloading. If you overload hydraulic cylinders, they can easily bend or break. Some cylinders may even twist. To prevent this problem, machine operators need to be trained on how to properly load hydraulic cylinders.

The second possible cause of hydraulic cylinder failure is poor maintenance. Wear and tear usually take place continuously as the hydraulic system is used. To ensure the effects of wear and tear do not lead to cylinder breakdown, you need to have your system serviced regularly by a professional. Oil filters need to be replaced frequently and seals replaced. Joints also need to be serviced to ensure the system performs optimally.