The Life Of An Instagram Influencer

I don’t know if anyone thought social media would take off as it did. It’s still growing and becoming more popular every day with new sites popping up all the time. Despite the number of new sites starting up, there are still a few that have passed the test of time and remain at the top and Instagram is one of them.

While most people use Instagram to display their photography skills and share their photos with friends and family, other savvy social media users have capitalized on the site to make some extra cash and some have even made careers out of lucrative Instagram Influencer gigs.

Influencers are in high demand across the marketing and advertising world. These people have been flagged as highly influential among their peers for having many followers and a lot of engagement on their site. An influencer will create posts using pictures, hashtags, narratives and company logos to share information about a product or service to their followers.

It takes some work to become an influencer but if you become good at it and catch the attention of top companies, you can make a good living at it.