What Does A Boxing Kit Consist Of?

What does a Boxing Kit consist of?


Maybe you want to do it to keep fit or maybe you want to get serious and try out for golden gloves then go pro?

No matter the reason if you going to start at home you going to need a kit.

Your standard kit can be purchased by any local sporting goods store.

Always discuss your options and queries with a trained professional boxing trainer or salesman (usually the salesmen of these kits are ex trainers)

They will advise you on what is best for your purposes and supply you with the correct kit which will include the minimum of:

  • The right size and weight gloves
  • the right size shorts/pants and headgear
  • the proper safety-approved mouth/teeth guard
  • A good strong and preferred weighted boxing bag as per your requirements

This is all you need to start at home but the best is always to join a proper boxing gym.