Hotel Bed Linen: The Reason To Stay In A Hotel

Do you ever wonder why hotel bed linen is always crisp and sparkling white? For sure, the washers and dryers that the hotels use have something to do with what has become one of the biggest reasons to sleep in a hotel. So much so that the sight of dirty linen in your room or suite at check-in is a sure sign that you’ll never come back.

Sparkling clean linens are likewise indicative of a hotel staff that doesn’t follow any shortcuts in their pursuit of quality and the best service possible. On your next stay at your favorite five-star accommodation, check this out. How are the throw pillows?

Do they look like they’ve been bounced around? Next, check under the pillowcases. Do the pillows look like they’ve been washed as well? True, you need to do some snooping around to determine which home-away-from-home lives up to your standard. It’s worth it!