Why Womens Designer Shoes

With a higher price tag than non-designer brands one might wonder, why womens designer shoes. The quick, easy, and true answer is quality. Your feet are important so its time to act as such.

Off-brand shoes tend to be just that, off. If you think about it, your entire posture starts with your feet. If you wear ill-fitting and poor quality shoes you are starting your posture off on, well, the wrong foot. A higher-quality shoe is designed to fit your foot better. The last is created for the proportions of a woman specifically.

In addition to better ergonomic design are better quality materials. It is important to use materials that let the foot breathe, bend, and flex. Materials made of poor quality lack these characteristics resulting in a shoe that is not very comfortable with a truncated lifespan. When it comes to shoes, you get what you pay for.