What You Gain From Using Quality Premium Weighted Blanket

The environment where you spend your time asleep can significantly influence the quality of your sleep. The blanket that you use can determine to a great extent how your sleep will be. The discussion below outlines the advantages that you enjoy by using Quality Premium Weighted Blanket.

The blanket is hypoallergic with small pockets containing nontoxic, odorless beads. Manufacturers make these blankets in such a way that they will evenly distribute around your entire body. The designers use fabrics that are free of allergens to promote sweet sleep.

They are known to ease insomnia. The use of a weighted blanket stimulates the brain to release neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine know to induce sleep. The pineal gland is also activated to release melatonin that enhances sleep in a relaxed environment.

These blankets enact specific pressure across the body, which ends up stimulating the release of cortisol. The simulation of the anterior pituitary gland releases cortisol that is essential in combating stress and anxiety. The overall impact of this is attaining a clam night and healthy sleep.