Cheap Cosplay Contacts Is It Worth It?

When it comes to Cheap Cosplay Contacts there are two types and only go for one of the. The two types are:

ONE is: Cheap because the company is large and has backing from rich medical professionals and great marketing and mass production to high standards and quality thus selling more and therefore can sell cheaper but still with the same safe and health-conscious quality.
Two is: cheaper as a smaller fly by night companies, that copy the originals and also mass produce but without all the “hassles and costs of quality control, health and safety conditions and producing a product that not only doesn’t last but does not qualify as healthy enough to be used on sensitive body parts like you eye. Also as no QA’s, there are no control over the hygienic processes in manufacturing, packaging and distribution and quality leaving the end-user with product that can harm you.

So with that being said, I guess there is only ONE choice right?