Advantages Of Holistic Medical Care

What is Holistic Medical Care, this is when your care for the whole “person” where you provide relief or treatment for the whole person’s social, physical, mental, and spiritual needs

It comes from the mutual understanding that all these aspects are rooted in either of the others needs problems which in turn affects the overall health of the whole “person”

Holistic care looks at the treating beyond the physical body and in turn, treats or cares for all five areas of the whole ” person” which as mentioned before are:

  • emotional
  • Mental
  • physical
  • spiritual
  • social

Are there any differences between Holistic and homeopathic care?

Yes, a Holistic tends to look more at your nutrition and avoiding certain substances in your diet and daily living
such as chemical or GMF (Genetically Modified Food) that can pollute the body, whereas homeopathy is more of a type of holistic medicine.