Problems Faced By Occupational Therapist, Kalgoorlie?

Problems faced by Occupational Therapist Kalgoorlie and other Rural areas?

With the rural or farm areas, like Kalgoorlie, losing many of the younger and more healthy work forces to the big cities, that offer a more affluent and exciting lifestyle for them, it leaves these areas with a major problem.

Those left behind are usually the older and less healthy people, to do most jobs that are usually done by the healthy and young and now the elderly and sick are working longer and harder thus exposing them to ailments which leads to the need of good Occupational Therapy and teams of experts in that field.

And because the rural areas are usually the poorer areas, private funding is not always available so state funding is needed to supply them. and as we know the ratio for OT’s and or any health workers per patient base is always skewed to the negative of the patient.