Stainless Steel Benches : A Short Cleaning Guide

For commercial grade workbenches, there is little that can surpass stainless steel benches in popularity. Stainless steel worktables are highly durable; can withstand heavy-duty use for years after year; come with a bright, shiny appearance; are extremely rust- and corrosion-resistant and last but not the least, extremely easy to clean.

How to clean your steel benches

Just use warm soapy water and give the surface a regular cleaning with soft leather or a damp cloth. So, as you can see, nothing fancy at all! As for the corners and crevices, use a scrubbing brush if you feel necessary. Once dry, polish the surface with a clean soft cloth or leather.

As for satin-finished steel surfaces, use a non-abrasive fine cleaning powder. However, you should never use this on mirror-finished surfaces.

Finally, for added precaution, always use insulated fire-proof mats for placing extremely hot pots on a stainless steel worktable and never use any metallic scouring product such as a Steel Wool for wiping the surface of the bench.