Benefits Of Using All Natural Condoms

Condoms are essential in preventing sexually transmitted diseases and infections, HIV and pregnancy. Their success highly depends on how they are used. They are known to be the safest way of birth control. Artificial condoms can irritate your skin, causing discomfort and complications. All natural condoms are known to be safe for use simply because;
They are manufactured using natural ingredients. Natural condoms are manufactured by rubber harvested from the rubber tree. They are harvested with the utmost respect to the environment. No artificial chemicals are added.

They come with natural flavourings. They come with natural flavourings such as wild berry, cola and blueberry. This increases experienced during intimacy.

They have natural lubricant. Natural lubricant is known to be safe and is less likely to react with the skin. Artificial oils can cause soreness and irritation on the surface. This makes natural condoms safe to use by anyone.