Pet Transportation Facilities: What To Expect

If you need to move or deliver your pets to another location, pet transportation companies will come to your help. Most of these companies will transport cats, kittens, all types of dogs, from puppies and pets to greyhounds, pig dogs, working dogs, as well as other small domestic animals.

Animals are transported in the company’s fleet of specially fitted out and custom made vans and floats with trained drivers on charge of the vehicles. All animals are provided with constant supply of water and are fed regularly as per their needs. As for dogs and puppies, they are also taken out for walks, depending on prevailing conditions, approx. 3 times a day. All animals are placed in separate cages and cages are well-designed to provide adequate comfort to the pets.

The owner of the pet needs to provide phone numbers and addresses of pick up and deliver points and the pets will be picked up right from your home and will be delivered safely at the other end. Remember, however, that all of the above holds true for transportation companies with a good name and record. So, make sure to carry out a little research before you hand over your pet to a certain transportation agency.