The Process Involved In Video Relay Services

Individuals with deafness, speech impairment, or hearing problems face difficulty in communicating with hearing people. They need support from sign language interpreters. This support service is needed even when they want to communicate through videoconferencing. Communicating through videoconferencing requires the support of a qualified interpreter with skills in this language. This process is handled with the help of video relay services.

In this videoconferencing setup, an interpreter helps make communication possible between a person with hearing difficulty and a hearing person. The interpreter interprets the sign communication conveyed by the video relay caller who uses a video phone or webcam to communicate. The interpreter then conveys this message into voice to the person at the other end. This receiver’s voice message is interpreted and conveyed back to the caller in the sign form. This communication option works better and faster compared to text communication due to the instant conveying of messages between both parties.