Why EDI Software Companies Are Still In Demand

It’s a technology that came into being in the 1960s. And yet even today, EDI software companies are still very much in demand. Many computer programs or applications come and go.

So why is electronic data interchange still among us? The simplest answer is that the relatively simple technology or standard sits at the very core of most data gathering and analysis. File transfer protocol and virtual private network are just two standards that interface with the ability to make computers talk to each other.

In essence, this is what EDI is all about. It’s eliminating the human being or the middleman from the equation. With all computers knowing a basic language no matter how crude it is, time is saved and data integrity is maintained.

For instance, among business partners, ordering, billing, and inventory management are all accomplished seamlessly among machines. Keeping it this simple is what keeps commerce and trade humming. So why change things, right?