What Are Some Of The Top Gaming Consoles?

There are hundreds of top gaming consoles that can be found in the market today. However, the main difference between these is their feature set. The difference between Sony PlayStation and Xbox is Sony PlayStation offers more features than the Xbox. You should remember this fact before you buy a console. For example, Sony PlayStation has more memory storage space to save your favorite games such as PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and other downloadable games exclusive to PlayStation Network. Xbox 360 also allows you to keep your games, but it does not have this storage capacity.

But what about the good thing about them? It has everything that an average consumer would want from a gaming console. Another thing that can make the difference is the controller. Sony PlayStation controllers are designed with comfort and durability in mind.

So, what about Xbox? While the main advantage of Xbox is its price tag, it offers some quality features. It offers a lot of extra storage space and a built-in hard drive. You can use your Xbox to play online games and download online games, movies, and music.