Plyo Boxes Crossfit: How Can It Benefit You?

Plyo Boxes Crossfit are multipurpose gym equipment that is extremely popular in a Crossfit gym. Although a majority of the people in a Crossfit gym use it mainly for box jumps, it is also used for many plyometric activities and certain bodyweight exercises. These versatile boxes are great for performing different variations of squats, varying levels of push-ups, box burpees, and triceps dips.

Exercises performed using a plyometric box increase your strength, power, and conditioning. For instance, the box jump is an explosive movement that targets all the muscles on your legs and core and simultaneously helps you burn some fat. And if you want to up the intensity, you could add a burpee every time you do a box jump and hit every muscle in your body with just one exercise. These impact exercises help strengthen your joints too.